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Simple crossword puzzle maker is a very popular pastime. The crossword puzzle is a letter puzzles, which takes place on a surface, which is divided by columns and rows in boxes. The boxes are usually rectangular. Within this box, then vertically and horizontally you’re looking for words are registered. Entering the words is done in a way that they comply with the terms of reference. Finding a specific search term simplifies usually finding further terms in accordance with the terms of reference. Check our about page to learn more about us.

What does “Crossword” and where is it?

Many adults and children like to solve the crossword puzzle, and what does it mean but actually where it came – few people know. This article will inform you about it.

Summarized we have found out that a crossword puzzle has its own characteristics and its own compile-time rules. But in many newspapers and magazines, a crossword means a completely different task that is related with the overlap of words or is not related to mysterious words. This means that such “crossword” invented by illiterates, and such publications even can be considered high.

Thus, we have found what is a crossword puzzle in its classic version, then we look at how the crossword puzzle works.

Types of crossword puzzles

sometimes it’s hard to understand what cross word based only on his name. The classification of crossword puzzles for their geographical name is understandable: a crossword puzzle, for example, American, English, Russian, Scandinavian, or Japanese might. Such crosswords have their own rules, which are almost identical in all editions and resolved always according to the same principle.

However, there are cases that is difficult to understand the name, which means this crossword. For example, the Tea Cup has together with tea or Chinese tea town. This is a linear crossword puzzle, in which the words not as in a classic crossword puzzle you want to cut, but are arranged in a line. The last letter in the last word is the beginning of the next.

A different kind of crossword puzzles is the cyclo crossword puzzle. It also has a special structure: all words have the same number of letters and are arranged around the task. So that means we have found out what “Crossword”, and now we tell the story of the origin of a crossword puzzle.

What are the crossword published?

The earliest mention of a crossword puzzle is a dish with a pattern that is very reminiscent of a crossword puzzle. It was during the excavation of an ancient settlement in England found, and in the 3rd and 4-th century date.

Modern crosswords appeared relatively recently – nearly a century ago. But where exactly are they appeared, is a very controversial subject. To date, the United Kingdom, the United States and South Africa the right dispute regarded as birthplace of crossword puzzles. Each country has its own history of the appearance of the first crossword puzzle. For example, the inhabitants of England believe that the first crossword puzzle published by the London newspaper “The Times” in the middle of the 19th century. And in the United States, they believe that they print crossword puzzle since 1913 in the newspaper “New York World”.

The inhabitants of South Africa tell a very romantic story of the emergence of the first crossword puzzle: they were invented by a prisoner who painted his puzzles on the stone floor of the cell. Prisoner this novelty has approved, later it was transferred on paper and sent by mail to the newspaper.

Crossword in the life of a child

which means “Crosswords” in the life of a child? This question is answered by teachers unequivocally: it is an intellectual game, that memory will help to develop, teaches the culture of thinking, after missing information search. During the solution of the crossword, fixed the child the knowledge gained and exerts an active learning during this time, which helps to assimilate material effectively.

If you select crossword puzzles for children, you must consider the possibilities of age of the child. Until then, the crossword puzzle is solved, what benefits him, facilitates the further training and is an exciting and rewarding activity.

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