Creative Ideas for the Free Online Crossword Puzzle Maker

The crossword puzzle maker technique is less an independent technique than a kind of vehicle to meaningfully enrich another technique. The crossword puzzle puzzle maker can be combined with the vast majority of brainstorming and brain-writing variants.

Using the Crossword Grid familiar to all participants quickly creates the necessary casual atmosphere needed for a creative meeting. Also, it is very easy to additionally awaken the sporting ambition, because in the filling you have to SUDOKU-like (More Info) approach and mobilize all his gray cells. Due to the clear concentration performance, the otherwise present day-to-day business quickly fades into the background.

Crossword Puzzle – Fitness

The crossword puzzle is especially suitable for brainstorming and creating topic-related collections of ideas. It can also be used for the first introduction to a planned topic and the basic analysis. Similarly, the expectations of a topic can be filtered out with this technique.

Crossword Puzzle – How it works?

On a large worksheet, boxes are given as in a crossword puzzle. The problem or another aspect is written horizontally or vertically in the middle of the sheet. All participants now search for terms that associate them with the topic.
These terms are then further supplemented by other participants. It can be used a large worksheet or many small, but where everyone can work.

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Variants of this technique:

• All participants work on a big crossword puzzle
• Each participant works on their crossword puzzle
• Groups compete against each other. Those who can accommodate most terms in a given time wins.
• Whoever has the smallest number of blind fields at the end wins.
• It is only possible to work with single words but also with keyword combinations

Advantage and disadvantage:
Simple method which can also have inspiring competitive character.
Certain important terms and ideas may need to be reworded to fit into the crossword puzzle.

Crossword puzzle maker software can be found here.

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