Two Puzzle Champions in July!

Every month, the battle bursts to become the puzzle champion of the month. As a puzzle champion you win not only €250, you can also participate in the Puzzle Championship in December where the winner goes home with €2,500!

Not one but two winners…
In July there were not one, but two winners. Two puzzlers managed to get an ex aequo, how coincidentally! Both a male and a female winner this time. After the female winners of the past few months, there will be some counterweight this time.
Congratulations Sandra Adrias Sens and Luc van Den Brande! We also find it every time to get to know the fixed puzzlers at, so we would like to introduce bosth winners to you!
Sandra is a 47-year-old lady who has been puzzling for over 20 years, which is almost half of her life! In her spare time she enjoys life. She does this by being active, both physically and mentally. Swimming and crossword puzzles are her biggest hobbies! It is thanks to her sister that Sandra came into contact with A few months ago she made an account and since then she has been attached to her daily puzzles.
Luc is a retired 67-year old who is living in Aartselaar. He too loves the good things of life. It is a great misconception that as a pensioner you will lead a Cockaigne life, because his days are rich. Hiking and walking tours are his active activities, but he also likes to make outings. Good food, a night out to play or an excellent performance. In addition, LUC is working on volunteering and he likes to travel. If he still retains time or goes on a city trip, he will be puzzled. Especially the figure puzzles are his favorites! Via Facebook He learned to know Puzzle club. And why he hangs exactly? Puzzling on is easy, fun and you can choose from a variety of difficulty levels.
Unlike many other puzzle websites, you have a lot of choice on We offer as many as 9 different types of puzzles, in different difficulties. In total there are almost 4,000 puzzles online. So you never get puzzled!

Puzzle Championship-Win €2,500!
That there are two puzzle champions in July, also means that the fight for the title of puzzle champion 2018 during the puzzle Championship in December is not between 11, but between 12 winners will be fought. The winners who have qualified so far are allowed to make the chest wet, because that is an extra participant to defeat!

Would you like to join the winners too? You can!
Make sure that at the end of the month you can solve most of the puzzles correctly and fully at Create an account and start puzzling! Your progress will be automatically kept on our website. In addition, we add new puzzle packages every month to the wide range. So you will never fall without new puzzles!

How do you participate in Puzzle champion?
All Puzzle Club VIP members will automatically participate in the Puzzelkam Peony contest. Once you have completed a puzzle 100% completely and correctly, our system will charge this as a completed puzzle. All information about the puzzles is maintained and stored in our system.

As a VIP you can have unlimited puzzles. That’s choose from almost 4,000 and every month brand new puzzles. Moreover, as a VIP you also participate in all puzzle & Win competitions for free. For example, Win a brand new smartphone from Samsung or Apple or watch television on your own SmartTV! You can choose a flexible all-in formula or a 6 or 12 month subscription. Puzzlers who want to taste our VIP offer can now try for 30 days for only 1 euro!

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