The crossword puzzle maker technique is less an independent technique than a kind of vehicle to meaningfully enrich another technique. The crossword puzzle puzzle maker can be combined with the vast majority of brainstorming and brain-writing variants. Using the Crossword Grid familiar to all participants quickly creates the necessary casual atmosphere needed for a creative meeting. Also, it is very easy to additionally awaken the sporting ambition, because in the filling you have to SUDOKU-like (More Info) approach and mobilize all his gray cells. Due to the clear concentration performance, the otherwise present day-to-day business quickly fades into the background.Continue Reading


If our simple crossword puzzle maker makes things difficult there is an app to help lovers of crosswords and crosswords. There is generally nothing more frustrating for a crossword or crossword enthusiast to be blocked inside a grid because of a missing word. Fortunately, some developers have had the good idea to come to their assistance by offering an mobile application capable of solving the missing of a current grid parts. And so say now, this application is ultra efficient because it is extremely difficult to take a default. Let’s review its various strengths and how to use it inContinue Reading

This spring, the definitive puzzle club was launched, an online platform with a continuous offer of more than three thousand puzzles. Online puzzling was never so easy. Uncluttered, varied, comfortable, user-friendly,… Puzzle Club is the only digital puzzle sky on the web. Discover, taste and enjoy the ten trumps that puzzle club has in store for you. Puzzles Galore You don’t believe your own eyes. On you will find more than three thousand puzzles. and is your hunger not yet stylized? No need, because monthly you get a whole load of new puzzle packages on your plate. Puzzling, somethingContinue Reading

Every month, the battle bursts to become the puzzle champion of the month. As a puzzle champion you win not only €250, you can also participate in the Puzzle Championship in December where the winner goes home with €2,500! Not one but two winners… In July there were not one, but two winners. Two puzzlers managed to get an ex aequo, how coincidentally! Both a male and a female winner this time. After the female winners of the past few months, there will be some counterweight this time. Congratulations Sandra Adrias Sens and Luc van Den Brande! We also findContinue Reading

Crossword solutions Simple crossword puzzle maker is a very popular pastime. The crossword puzzle is a letter puzzles, which takes place on a surface, which is divided by columns and rows in boxes. The boxes are usually rectangular. Within this box, then vertically and horizontally you’re looking for words are registered. Entering the words is done in a way that they comply with the terms of reference. Finding a specific search term simplifies usually finding further terms in accordance with the terms of reference. Check our about page to learn more about us. What does “Crossword” and where is it?Continue Reading